E16 Bjørum - Skaret mellan Sandvika och Hønefoss i Norge
Pontus Runesson, AB Södermännen
Galway County Council long experience use of Novapoint and Quadri for 17 years
Gränserna mellan olika teknikområden försvinner eftersom alla arbetar i en delad modell med Quadri
Nils Tegerot, Veidekke och Claes Davidsson, Markera
Ett bra planeringsverktyg bidrog till att vägen blev klar 3,5 månad tidigare
PORR Group, one of Europe's largest construction companies, is finding new ways of increasing productivity and efficiency in their projects. In Romania, PORR is running a research project to build their competence and pave the way for changing work processes and usage of BIM methodology. Trimble software and equipment is a large part of this, and in this article, Romania tells us about their experience of using Quadri as a common data environment for the project.
Duna Aszfalt BIM-team
Close to Strand there will also be a lid over the E18 highway. A bike lane of high standard will also be part of the system. Photo: ViaNova Plan og Trafikk
Source: Trafikverket, Swedish National Transport Administration