Trimble releases operating and maintenance system for road contractors

Quadri Open Route is a new industry solution for complete production management of the operation and maintenance of roads. The solution, which was originally designed for the road contractor Mesta, is now developed further by Trimble and made available to all operating road contractors – initially in the Norwegian market.

Quadri Open Route uses state-of-the-art software and hardware to automate the operating and maintenance contracts – all the way from the field vehicles and subcontractors, to the operating contractors and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The solution leads to exceptional quality, efficiency and control of all work, both in the field and administration, while at the same time greatly reducing the level of conflict between client and subcontractors. More than 40% of the operating contracts on today's Norwegian road network already use Quadri Open Route through Mesta.

The industry requires digitization

Like everything else these days, the road industry is also changing. Whilst now both municipalities and counties are merging in Norway, also the competition conditions are changing – from a centralized situation to being fragmented. In addition, the operating contracts place stricter demands for control, efficiency, documentation and quality.

“Full digitization is therefore absolutely necessary to meet these requirements,” says Merete Tøndel, Solutions Sales Director for Trimble's engineering and construction business in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “New technologies such as smartphones, apps, BIM, cheap GPS solutions, sensors for ´everything´, and more, makes digitalization possible already today. Quadri Open Route utilizes all these technologies to digitize the work process throughout the value chain. The solution is p.t. tailor-made for Norwegian road operations – especially under winter conditions – and makes it possible to meet the challenges required by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.”

From data capture to invoicing

In order to achieve full digitization, the field vehicles are equipped with sensors and automatic logging equipment to record the consumption of sprinkle sand, salt etc. In addition, Quadri Open Route includes an app the drivers use to register their experience from the work session. The driver app also provides control over the intention and outcome of a work session, as seen from the driver's side. At the same time, it helps subcontractors to specify correct quantities and methods.

All the data are automatically communicated over the mobile network and processed and presented immediately. A digital dashboard gives the user a quick, easy-to-understand and accurate overview of field equipment status, area coverage and the production in the last 24 hours.

Quadri Open Route Manager provides full production management and documentation. This tool offers postprocessing, analyzing and reporting of all the data collected from the vehicles and the driver-registered production – plus, not least, generate precise invoicing data for the client and subcontractors.

Tailor-made field tools

At the same time, there is room for managing inspection data and abnormal facts. With the field tool Quadri Open Route Field, drivers can report deviations, deficiencies, incidents, flooding, avalanches, insurance damages, etc. on the road network. The data is communicated instantly with Open Route Manager and synchronized with all users linked to the operating contract. The tool supports the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's process rules and reporting requirements for operating contracts.

The system also contains condition monitoring of vehicles and configurations, helping the vehicle fleet continuously being kept in good shape and deliver correct production data.

Full control – fewer conflicts

A special operating log helps lowering the level of conflict and to provide precise payment settlements and report abnormal detections. The log also helps subcontractors propose payment settlements based on logged data and to deliver change messages. The seamless data flow and the possibility of deviation alerts increase the trust between the parties. Thus, everyone has full control and can proactively avert conflicts. This ensures great efficiency and quality in the work process.

Quadri Open Route is available for all road contractors wanting to use the solution in Norway from the winter season 2019/2020.

For more information, please contact:

Merete Tøndel, Solutions Sales Director, EMEA
Tel: +47 67 81 71 02